Our subjects are divided differently for ages 3-6 and 6-9

Our Academics

Practical Life (Daily Living)

The purpose of the Practical Life activities is to instill in the child a sense of order, independence, and respect for himself, others, and the environment around him.

The exercises and materials of the lessons prepare the child to care for himself and his environment on a daily basis.  As the child works with these activities, he develops the concentration, coordination (particularly eye-hand coordination), and the motor skills needed in all other areas of learning.


The purpose of the Sensorial lessons is to awaken the child to an awareness of himself and of the world in which he lives.

With hands-on materials, the child is able to explore and experience each of the five senses and to learn to recognize and distinguish subtle differences inherent in the activities.  The abilities the child develops with the sensorial activities will enable him to better understand the lessons in the language, math, and cultural subjects.


The purpose of the Math activities is to introduce the child to the symbols, quantities, properties, and uses of numbers.  

The hands– on materials and the sequence and order of the activities allow the child to explore mathematical concepts concretely and then, allow him to move easily into the abstract level of logical reasoning and the mathematical computation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


The purpose of the Language area is to help the child learn to express himself and to communicate with others both verbally and through the written word.  The activities include hands-on materials to increase pre-reading skills, as well as books and paper and pencil, to introduce the child to higher skills and abstract concepts of language.  The curriculum integrates all aspects of reading and writing and it promotes a clear understanding of the uses of language.


The purpose of the Cultural lessons is to introduce the child to aspects of the world beyond himself and to broaden his life experience.  Geography, history, science, art, and music are presented to the child through various materials, projects, and experiences.  The activities in each of these areas allow the child to learn about places, times, traditions, and ideas of the world, to gain an understanding about the interconnectedness of the peoples of the world, and to inspire him to create a positive effect upon the world.


AGCMA in the rich history of Christian schools, gather as a community for worship or chapel services, to provide the Word of God as the foundation for the lives of the students.  AGCMA Chapel Services include the basic movements of worship: gathering as a body, listening to God’s Word and instruction, at their appropriate level; responding to God in prayer and song; and sending the students and children back to the classroom for learning and service to each other in God’s world.

Elementary Ages 6-9

Students build upon skills and concepts introduced during the primary years.  However, at the age of six in this environment is a smooth transition because we follow the child as is the Montessori philosophy.  Wherever the child is, we build from there.  There are thousands of concrete materials which enable the children to work at their own pace in an environment that nurtures a love of learning. 


The Montessori elementary curriculum also insures that the children are meeting and/or exceeding the expectations and standards set by the state of Texas.  These are not only orientated toward intellectual investigation and discovery, but also toward building a community unique to themselves and the children around them. 


Through constructive group activities, students learn to solve conflicts peacefully and gain valuable interpersonal skills.  Self actualization blossoms and understanding deepens as students are afforded the opportunity to grow in this multi-age group setting.  Subjects covered in our elementary curriculum are Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies (history, geography), Science and Chapel.